VEGA Has Been Announced as the World’s First Blockchain-powered Platform for Decentralised Business Networks


Provider of enterprise relationship management applications, Loyakk Inc. has proudly announced Vega, the world’s first blockchain-enabled Enterprise Relationship Management solution for decentralized business networks. “Loyakk is building transformative Enterprise Value Webs, which are decentralized, distributed and digital ecosystem structures, powered and protected by blockchain technology,” said Chief Executive Officer of Loyakk Inc., Salim Ali. “Our…

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SHELL has Made its First Investment in Blockchain


Oil giant, Shell and London-based holding company, Calibrate Partners have acquired a minority stake in the Applied Blockchain startup to help it explore how the technology might be applied to its business. According to Shell Chief Technology Officer for IT, Johan Krebbers, “Blockchain applications have a huge potential to shake up how we do things…

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Crypto Assets Continue to Lure Thousands of New Investors

Crypto Assets

It is no secret that cryptocurrency is one of the hottest topics being discussed in the world today. They are continuing to attract a large number of  investors in many parts of the world, thanks to the record surge of Bitcoin, and other well-known digital currencies last year. A lot of companies are experiencing explosive…

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Cryptocurrencies that Could Become the Next Bitcoin


Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin has continued to attract headlines and market interest. Bitcoin was the fastest-growing asset in the world last year, and has tremendously maintained its incredible record since the start of the year 2018. It has consistently found itself amidst enormous success, along with other majors like Ethereum, Ripple, etc. But there are many…

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