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Japanese Luxury Car Dealer is Accepting Bitcoin as a Means of Payment


Japanese luxury car dealer, L’Operaio is now accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment from customers that use bitFlyer cryptocurrency wallet. According to a press release by bitFlyer, bitFlyer users can spend up to 100 million yen, approximately $940,000 to buy cars at L’Operaio. The only condition is that the user needs to perform the transaction…

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Japan Embraces Cryptocurrencies

According to Yuzo Kano, Chief Executive for BitFlyer, one of Japan’s largest licensed cryptocurrency exchanges, “about half the world’s Bitcoin trading is estimated to be in yen and there are 16 licensed virtual currency exchanges in Japan, where Bitcoin owners alone number 2 million to 3 million. That could grow to 10 million this year.”…

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French Finance Minister Calls For Full Support of Cryptocurrencies

Finance Minister

Bruno Le Maire, the Finance Minister of France has called for full support of cryptocurrencies, as he stated that due to the fact that this technology has a big impact on growing economies, a sufficient support will need to be provided for its development and integration. The French Finance Minister has admitted that cryptocurrencies could…

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Ripple’s xRapid Solution Provides High Liquidity For Cross-border Payments

The founders of Ripple have provided its old and new investors with a detailed blog post regarding its liquidity solution through xRapid. The Financial Times defines liquidity within a transaction as how easy it is to perform an exchange in a particular security or instrument, or the ease of converting an instrument into cash for…

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