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French Finance Minister Calls For Full Support of Cryptocurrencies

Bruno Le Maire, the Finance Minister of France has called for full support of cryptocurrencies, as he stated that due to the fact that this technology has a big impact on growing economies, a sufficient support will need to be provided for its development and integration.

The French Finance Minister has admitted that cryptocurrencies could offer numerous benefits to both individuals and organizations. Several reports have confirmed he revealed that France will start working on cryptocurrency regulations before the rest of the world, in a bid to put Europe at the forefront of the digital economy. He has also tweeted about his support for Blockchain technology.

Bruno Le Maire, like most of the world’s leaders, added that cryptocurrencies may be used in illicit activities, but noted that he firmly believes the technology is very positive for every country. “For that to happen, however, we need to have regulations, and Europe will lead the process,” he stated.

The Minister pointed out that financial technology is crucial for the market to develop in the best possible way. According to him, “we agree that crypto-assets can be very interesting for everyone. And we obviously are in favor of blockchain technology, which can provide very good support to financial assets in Europe or anywhere in the world. We are in favor of these technologies, but we want these technologies to be secure and therefore we need to define very clear measures for their regulation.”

Earlier this year, Bruno Le Maire announced the launch of a cryptocurrency task force, saying “We want a stable economy: we reject the risks of speculation and the possible financial diversions linked to Bitcoin. I have just entrusted Jean-Pierre Landau, former deputy governor of the Banque de France, with a mission on cryptocurrencies.”

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