Japanese Luxury Car Dealer is Accepting Bitcoin as a Means of Payment

Japanese luxury car dealer, L’Operaio is now accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment from customers that use bitFlyer cryptocurrency wallet.

According to a press release by bitFlyer, bitFlyer users can spend up to 100 million yen, approximately $940,000 to buy cars at L’Operaio. The only condition is that the user needs to perform the transaction using the wallet that the company offers.

bitFlyer says the settlement of the transaction will only take a “few seconds”. Three (3) Tokyo stores in Setagaya, Nerima and Aoyama have already begun accepting Bitcoin with plans to expand the feature to all dealership stores in the future.

bitFlyer is Japan’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. The partnership will start with 26 dealerships, but the two companies plan on expanding it to include in the future 550 more locations.

In January of this year, bitFlyer was granted a European Union payment institution license, making it the most compliant virtual currency exchange in the world. It has also partnered domestic electronic retail giant Bic Camera to accept Bitcoin payments following a successful trail last year. The trend is definitely catching on, with one of Japan’s largest electronics retail chains Yamada Denki also accepting Bitcoin payments using bitFlyer’s point-of-sale (PoS) payments infrastructure.

L’Operaio customers will need to download and use bitFlyer’s mobile wallet application, which is available in iOS and Android to make purchase up to 100 million yen, or just under $1 million, using Bitcoin.

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